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"Design (ing) Museum" is a photographic biography which tells the story of the
creation and establishment of the Design Museum in Holon. It is written and edited by
Ron Arad and Asa Bruno. The book tells the behind the scene story of the evolution
of the project from its inception, as a concept gallery in a crumbling municipal building,
through the creation of its innovative design concept and its transformation into an
internationally acclaimed iconic building.

Through a collage of photographs, drawings, preliminary sketches, graphics and pieces
of text, we are exposed to the creative process of one of the most feverish brains in
today's design world. Arad's personal journey into creating the building is revealed,
alongside the endless technical aspects of realizing one man's dream into a building
which is a work of art in itself. The book, which is homage to the museum architecture
style, is designed in the spirit of the museum. Its cover resembles the museums colors
and structure. It sheds a light on the people and processes behind the architecture.

"Design (in) Museum" - 167 pages, text in English, 90 gram a page, 16.5 22 cm,
comes in paperback and printed in French Folding. Each copy contains a personal
knife, enabling the reader to split open its pages, and reveal the different images in it.

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Ron Arad

"We had this task: to do architecture as a piece of art, and so we
created a building that I refer to as autistic. A building that once
you're in it, the only outside world you see is the sky. But mainly, while
being inside the building, you are in your own world".



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